Where is Turtle Island?

If you will be visiting the island of Borneo, a trip to fascinating Turtle Island, also called Pulau Selingan, should be on your travel plans. Turtle island is part of Sabah national Park and one of the three islands reserved especially for the conservation of green and hawksbill turtles. Visitors to this tropical paradise are offered the unique opportunity to observe nesting habits and watch newly hatched turtles being released.

There is hardly a better place for children to observe one of the most amazing spectacles in nature. Turtle island is also one of the few places on earth where turtles arrive to nest 365 days a year.

To some, Turtle island may sound like some remote location far off in an obscure corner of the globe. But that is exactly what many of the local people would call the British Isles. To the indigenous Ojibwa, Turtle Island is the …

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