Yamaha Limi Makes a New Fight in the 125 Cc Class

In Europe, Yamaha has a diverse fleet of 125 cc scooters. Among others, Mio, Freego and Lexi. While in Taiwan there is a new 125 cc scooter offered, the Yamaha Limi.

A few days ago, a modern-retro scooter was released in response to Suzuki Saluto – which is also in the same segment. The selling price in Taiwan is equivalent to $2000

Looking at the Yamaha Limi design, you might not think this is a Yamaha product. DNA sports, aggressive, and distinctive sharp curves, not listed. He is more adopting an elegant style and seems classic. Just look at the facade, the panel grooves are just simple boxes. Not many angles.

 Yamaha Timi headlights also tend to follow the body groove. But this is what makes it interesting. He actually looks beautiful and looks more luxurious. Installation of a vertical turn signal, extending on the side of the main light also adds to that impression. And of course the lighting source is full LED, complete with DRL. There are also details that are rarely applied to motorbikes of this class. Shell speedometer , di- finishing smoke , and peeps illustration “diamond” when viewed up close.

Fuel Tank Position

From the side, the deck is flat on the floor as well as greased down. This is thanks to the installation of the tank right underneath, while the filling hole is on the left side of the shield like the Yamaha FreeGo. This is beneficial, because the luggage capacity is wide. The space behind the seat is 23 liters in volume, which means it almost equals the Yamaha NMax. Definitely fit if you just put a half face helmet and other necessities.

Moving on to the tepong section, we found a little resemblance to the Suzuki Saluto. Using trapezoidal panels, complete with embossed logo with chrome finish . The writing fonts are even similar. Plus the orange reflector.

When listening from behind, it is no less unique. Mika stop lamp is made to match the body shape. Installed horizontal slanted brake lights – with smoke accents – and parallel LED dots. While the sein is placed vertically, right on the side. This section is also chrome connected to the stirrup. Make mica seem long.

The match was combined with a small diameter wheel composition. Funny. Like a retro scooter. Both the front and rear have a 10-inch 90/90 profile. Automatically looks gambot, like a European scooter. Plus three-spoke rims with black trim.

Yamaha Limi engine

Pacemaker affairs have changed completely from the 2019 version. Which previously only used a 113 cc engine, now it has become a 125 cc SOHC with Blue Core technology. Unfortunately there is no definite record of how much energy was spent. Yamaha only lists, fuel consumption reaches 57.2 MPA.

Then regarding the features, it is classified as standard. The dashboard is decorated with a fully digital panel with fundamental information. Plus there is a power outlet to the right of the drawer. While the Smart Key System feature, Start Stop System, is not there. The braking system is still CBS, not equipped with ABS sensors at all.