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7 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every New Rider Should Know

Mostly likely you prefer riding motorcycles to driving cars to feel the weight of the wind. The moment you are mounted on the seat of your motorcycle, you know you are ready for some wind-catching experience. You feel the rush of your blood and take cognizant of your aliveness through shifting landscapes.

Cycling is fun but more fatal and dangerous than driving a car when involved in an accident. Hence, every cyclist must be aware of certain safety tips and measures. Opinions shared by riders on reviews put some of these tips into perspective.

These safety tips have helped riders to avoid accidents and enjoy the fun of riding their motorcycles without issues. As also observed by the complaints of riders gathered on lifefone complaints, the tips would reduce your riding fears by keeping you and your motorcycle in great shape.

1.  Put on your essential gear: Your essential gear also called survival gear prevents you from accidents and other injury-related incidents. Your gear includes a helmet, boots, gloves, visor, bike-related wear, among others.

2.  Know your abilities: You need to be sure your motorcycle is what you can handle. This has to do with size and specifications. If it weighs you down or your feet cannot touch the ground, perhaps it is time to get the one for you. Knowing your abilities as they relate to the features of your motorcycle keeps you in control.

3.  Regularly inspect your Motorcycle: Before you propel your motorcycle, you need to ensure it is in great shape. Regularly check the fuel tank, brakes, tires, and other essential parts you deem fit before you give your ride to the road. A properly done inspection will keep you informed of defaults.

4.  Know the weather forecast: Before hitting the road, you need to be aware of the weather forecast. Know if it will rain for that day and prepare accordingly for it. Weather warnings are important to life and properties. Besides, they suggest what to wear.

5.  Pay attention to your ride: Watch the road and pay close attention to turns. Keep your head and eyes straight and always be on the lookout for dangers. While mirrors are good, you want to be double sure by using your head and paying close attention to road details.

6.  Check your feelings and emotions: Without a doubt, you are prone to accidents when you ride angry or frustrated. The majority of human activities depend on how we feel. Being in the wrong feeling is usually foreboding for rides.

7.  Find your comfort zone: In whatever you do, keep in mind to always find a comfort zone. And this includes being comfortable with loads and passengers on your motorcycle. If you feel a passenger is a burden, then you have no choice but to keep them away from your zone.


These safety tips must be followed to be protected from accidents, especially as you are a new rider and quite oblivious of certain safety measures. Follow these tips, adhere to them, and you would not only enjoy your rides but also your health.