The Yamaha Fascino 113cc is known for its unique and retro-stylish design, which features a retro-modern look with a chrome grille, chrome-plated mirrors, and a retro style headlight that give it a distinctive appearance. The engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides smooth and effortless power delivery with excellent fuel efficiency, delivering an average mileage of around 50-55 km/litre. It’s telescopic suspension at the front and a unit swing at the rear, providing a comfortable and stable ride even on rough roads. Plus the drum brake at the front and rear, with a combined braking system (CBS) that helps distribute braking force evenly and reduces the chances of skidding. Along with keyless ignition system, a fuel lid with a remote opener, and a side stand engine cut-off switch.

Yamaha Fascino is a great choice for riders looking for a scooter that combines performance, fuel efficiency, and style.

Here, we will look at the proper Yamaha Fascino 113cc Tyre Air Pressure for the front and rear tyres, as well as the tyre choices that work with these pressure levels.

According to the owner’s handbook, the recommended tyre pressure :

•             For a single rider, front wheel is 22 PSI & rear wheel is 29 PSI.

However, if you often ride with another passenger,

•             For a double rider, front wheel is 22 PSI & rear wheel is 36 PSI.

The Recommended Tyre size for Yamaha Fascino for both Front tyre & Back tyre are 90/100-10

When it comes to choosing the best tyres for the Yamaha Fascino, there are a few factors to consider, such as the type of road conditions, the weather, and the rider’s preferences. Here are a range of 10 tyres from TVS Eurogrip, the bike tyre specialist, for your Yamaha Fascino. For more information visit,

TVS Eurogrip tyre prices range from Rs.1203 lowest to highest Rs. 1602. Based on the road and weather conditions, and your usage, they are classified as 3 Main Segments:

URBAN TYRES: Urban tyres from TVS Eurogrip are high-quality tyres that are designed for urban commuting and city riding for riders who requires frequent manoeuvring and braking in city traffic. Urban Tyres are designed for the classic city commuter. Offers the agility and stability to handle the daily uncertainties of our city roads. Urban tyre features a high-quality rubber compound that provides excellent grip on wet and dry roads, as well as a reinforced construction for added durability

CROSSOVER TYRES: For Riders who travel both city roads as well as unpaved countryside roads, or city roads with the perils of potholes, Crossover Tyres are the best.. Whatever the terrain, whatever the weather. Crossover tyres from TVS Eurogrip are designed for long-lasting performance and excellent grip. The tyre features a unique tread pattern that helps provide excellent traction and stability, as well as a reinforced structure for added durability.

EXPLORER TYRES: Tyres that bite into the terrain, they are meant for the riders who have a keen sense of adventure, and who don’t let the end of the road be the end of their journey. Explorer Tyres offer exceptional control even in the most arduous off-road terrains, enhancing durability, stability and comfort and to provide better grip on the wet and dry road. The tyre has a reinforced structure and has improved stability and durability.

Here are the list of tyres for your Yamaha Fascino 113cc, from TVS Eurogrip

·         Urban tyre: 90/100-10 53J ATT450 REMORA TL

·         Urban tyre: 90/100-10 53J CONTA725 TL

·         Urban tyre: 90/100-10 53J CONTA 625N TL

·         Urban tyre: 90/100-10 53J CONTA 625 SMARTY

·         Crossover tyre: 90/100-10 53J DURAPRO TL

·         Crossover tyre: 90/100-10 53J JUMBO XT TL

·         Crossover tyre: 90/100-10 53J DRAGON PLUS TL

·         Crossover tyre: 90/100-10 53J PANCER II TL

·         Explorer tyre: 90/100-10 53J JUMBO GT Tubetype

·         Explorer tyre: 90/100-10 53J JUMBO GT TL

Ultimately, choose the best tyre for your Yamaha Fascino depending on your riding style, the road conditions you’ll be encountering, and your personal preferences. Make sure to choose a tyre that is designed for your specific needs, and regularly check the condition of your tyres to ensure your safety on the road.


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