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Car Manufacturer Emblem Quiz

They appeared good, very clear, with modest horizontal grilles, and little decorative chrome or sculptured sheet steel. Franklin set itself aside from other automakers by using air-cooled engines and light-weight aluminum parts. Franklin was ahead of the business by selling more sedans than open cars earlier than 1920. Hupp was founded by Robert C. Hupp, a longtime auto engineer who worked with Ransom Eli Olds and Henry Ford. Find out how it strove to launch inexpensive cars to compete with the big boys.

Cord produced vehicles for under 10 years, however they’re deemed to be a few of the best ever constructed. Stutz shaped in 1912 and shortly earned a status for quick race-worthy cars. Classic automobiles span decades and continents to capture the best achievements in automotive artwork and engineering. Learn about hundreds of nice classic cars from 1930 to right now in these richly illustrated articles. Take a …