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A distinction is made between drum, belt-conveyor, and brush-conveyor pickups. A device that converts a sound, scene, measurable amount, or different type of intelligence into corresponding electrical signals, as in a microphone, phonograph pickup, or tv digicam. Pickup is one word when it features as a noun or an adjective. It’s two words, pick up, when functioning as a verb. For instance, you would possibly drive your pickup to select up your good friend from a pickup soccer sport, and congested visitors would possibly make you late for the pickup.

  • The R1T must be intently adopted by the Tesla Cybertruck and Lordstown Endurance, whereas the other trucks may trail behind a bit.
  • It’s an open question as to which electric pickup truck will go on sale first, but it looks like the Rivian R1T will win that race.
  • Here’s a rundown of the brand new and future electrical pickup vans
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